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EPP-3000 Railroad Tie Changer EPP-3000 Railroad Tie Changer

The EPP-3000 is compact, extremely powerful and without equal. At only 650 lb., the EPP-3000 railroad tie changer is the most unique railway maintenance tool on the market, changing everything from switch ties to cross blocks to head blocks affordably and with ease.

Key Features:

  • Under joint bars
  • Spot tie work
  • Handles the longest switch ties
  • Only 650 lb. without power unit
  • 18,500 lb. extraction force
  • 18,500 lb. insertion force
  • 10,000 lb. gripping force
  • 30 plus tie change outs per hour

Amazing railway tie changing ability in a small package!

  • 4 ft. stroke and 18,500 lb. of extraction force applied directly to rail.
  • Follows existing tie bed and keeps force parallel to rail.
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  • Only 650 lb. for truly portable railway tie replacement!
  • Compact and light enough to fit a pickup truck bed.
  • Transport to site and set up with hi-rail crane truck. The EPP-3000 even fits safely on the truck deck leaving ample space for ties.
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  • Accommodates concrete and wood railway ties, even the toughest switch ties.
  • Track gauges from 1000 mm to 1675 mm.
  • Operate a spike puller, spike driver, tie tamper and most popular hydraulic tools with an optional detachable 10 GPM, 2000 psi hydraulic gas or diesel power pack or truck with 10 GPM hydraulic power source.
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Easy to Use: Easy to learn and simple to use, important safety factors!

  • Aggressive tie jaws grip any tie contour with 10,000 lb. of force.
  • Easy to use controls and quick disconnects for hydraulic tool attachments.
  • Increase ease of use with an optional turntable or off-tracking device.
  • Hydraulic hose reel designed to keep hydraulic hoses out of the way.
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EPP-3000 tie changer specifications.

The EPP-3000, a unique, patented railway tie removal and insertion system!

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Powerful 18,500 lb. of extraction force
EPP-3000 powerful jaws with 18,500 lb. of extraction force!

Optional off-tracking device
EPP-3000 with optional off-tracking device.

Optional turntable
EPP-3000 with optional turntable.

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